Teachers’ Checklist for StudyDo

The StudyDo design supports teachers in creating the conditions that help learners acquire the English language.
During every StudyDo activity, remember…
1. Your goal is to help students produce language, not to teach content.

StudyDo design in girls' school Chikodra, Gujarat

2. Since you are not teaching or testing content, there is no reason to translate it.
3. Allow adequate time for the students to read the text, encouraging them to mark unfamiliar words.
4. Increase communication and language use by encouraging students to ask classmates for help with words they don’t know.
5. You only need to “teach” words no one in the class knows, so you can raise the entire level of the class naturally.
6. Focus on helping students understand the questions and instructions in the book, not on helping them derive an answer.
7. Most questions have no one “right” answer so encourage lots of independent thinking. Thinking encourages speaking.
8. Help students feel comfortable using language by encouraging every level of production. It will only improve with use.
9. Wait for production to increase before assessing or correcting student language.
10. When in doubt, return to the materials. They are designed to support you! Download the free videos and audio files that you can download for free. Sign up to be notified via email when new StudyDo materials become available.
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