Watching MEET Videos on Mobiles

The MEET (Mobile Education for English Teachers) training videos have been distributed at various training programs in Gujarat and have been available for viewing here. Now, the complete files, suitable for viewing on mobile phones, are available here for download. Watch the videos individually online or download zip file containing all 4 video files in a 3gp mobile-friendly format to watch on your phone.

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MEET stands for Mobile Education for English Teachers. The project was designed to provide training materials, including these videos, via microSD for viewing on mobile phones. MEET #1 shows the quick results that were possible with the materials and techniques. MEET #2 is a short clip of highlights that clearly show the techniques our pre-service teacher used in the introductory video. MEET #3 shows similar techniques used by an experienced teacher with a different StudyDo lesson in a different school. MEET #4 contrasts the learning experience of the same group of students during both a traditional content-oriented lesson and a new language-focused lesson.
We’ve seen great results from teachers, but any materials design benefits from additional research and live trials in classrooms. A number of research scholars are currently using Bridges StudyDo materials and MEET videos in their research and we are happy to support them.
Please email bridges AT if you have ideas for research or teaching projects. While supplies last, we are happy to provide class sets of Bridges to such projects, so that each of your learners can have a copy.
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