Going Beyond Bridges – Unit 2

Before you start a new topic, you may wish to use the internet to collect more information on animals. You may wish to search for more information on snakes or more puzzles by Currier and Ives.
Try to find the real hidden animals in these nature photos.
Learn more about endangered species and what is being done to save them.
You can look more closely at the “Puzzled Fox” and learn about more illusions and hidden pictures.
Print and cut out your own tangram puzzle. Learn how to make interesting animal shapes from this ancient puzzle.
You can find some wonderful plays by Mr. Milne. Share them with your class or even perform them for your school!
You may watch the purple frog in action to find more things to describe about him.
If you do an interesting activity, come back and tell us about. There’s always more to learn and share about our planet’s Amazing Animals!
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