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Bridges to Academic Writing was designed for teachers and colleges that asked for help turning their students into research scholars.
The book is a short course that gives students the foundation they need to begin writing for higher education.
Development of skills in academic and research writing is essential to the personal academic success of individuals and to the growth and development of institutions of higher education.
With Bridges to Academic Writing, teachers guide their students to begin thinking of themselves as writers.
In this short course of under 30 hours, students learn
  • * to identify the main idea of an author
  • * to identify details an author uses to express ideas
  • * to use a text as a source
  • * to properly reference a source
  • * to identify structure in a text
  • * to identify evidence
  • * to critically evaluate evidence
  • * to use peer review to improve their own writing
and more.
Like the original Bridges, Bridges to Academic Writing is easy for teachers to use. It supports teachers even if they have little experience in academic and research writing themselves. Even new teachers will be able to follow the text to help students transition from school and exam writing to the academic writing they need to succeed in higher education.
A print version will be available soon, published by H.M.Patel Institute of English Training & Research. Check back or sign up for our mailing list for news on availability.

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