Which book is right for your students?


The newest StudyDo.asia text is ready, but are your students?
Bridges to Academic Writing was created as a short transitional course to help students develop the foundational skills they need to begin writing for higher education.
Why a new book?
Many textbooks on writing exist. Basic school texts often teach handwriting, model paragraphs, and sentence-level grammar.
These basic experiences leave students unprepared for higher level academic and research writing.
Advanced textbooks often assume a foundation of knowledge and experience that new writers just don’t have.
Bridges to Academic Writing provides the foundation and experience students need to begin producing original academic writing.
In this short course of under 30 hours, students learn
  • * to identify the main ideas and details in a text
  • * to use a text as a source
  • * to properly reference a source
  • * to think critically by identifying evidence
  • * to analyze and evaluate evidence
  • * to use peer review to improve their own writing
and more.
Bridges to Academic Writing also uses the successful StudyDo design with its easy-to-follow format and instructions, so it’s easy for teachers to use, even if they’ve never taught academic writing before. However, even with a great design that supports the teacher, no course will be easy to teach if the students are not developmentally ready for it.
How do you know if your students are ready?
Like the original Bridges: Activities for Thinking, Speaking, & Writing English, readiness for Bridges to Academic Writing is not based on age or standard or grade level. It’s a “bridge course,” a transition from one stage of ability to the next, no matter what age or standard students are. The activities have been used by bright upper primary school students, by first year college students, and by new research scholars in graduate programs.
The vocabulary in both Bridges books is controlled so that students at the right level will find plenty of ideas they can understand throughout the lessons.
In order to use Bridges to Academic Writing, students should already be able to read English at a low intermediate level. For example, if your students can understand 8th or 9th standard school books when they read them alone, they can read well enough for Bridges to Academic Writing. But for Bridges to Academic Writing, students should also be producing some English. This means students should be able to speak and write at least at a beginner level.
This student speech and writing does not need to be grammatically correct or to use a large vocabulary.
It’s ok if your students make errors when they use English, but they should be starting to use English to express their own ideas. In other words, students who can only mimic memorized lines of English are not ready for this text, but students who produce simple sentences with grammatical errors that express their own thoughts are ready.
Students who can read and understand spoken language at a high beginner level, but who do not feel comfortable speaking or writing can use the original Bridges: Activities for Thinking, Speaking, & Writing English to bring their production and use of language up to the level of their understanding. When students begin to express their own ideas in English, they can move up to Bridges to Academic Writing.

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