StudyDo in Action

While working on Bridges, the developer spent time with pre-service teachers learning about the teacher training system and with in-service teachers who were involved in textbook writing.
These experiences resulted in a number of projects. With one of them, we were able to trial the StudyDo design in village schools and video tape the trials as demonstrations. Those projects are being recorded and released as training videos.
Any materials development can benefit from live trials in the classroom, and it was especially important to try out the new StudyDo design for two reasons:
First, it was specifically developed for the classroom conditions found in South Central Asia. And, second, it was designed to be very easy for teachers who have education training but may have little training in second language acquisition.
We had to try that out and ask as many teachers as possible for their feedback to make that happen. We will continue to do this as we develop more materials.
Some of the other projects born of the StudyDo design project…


1) Activities using the StudyDo design were developed and accepted for use by the Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks.
2) A course in materials development at H.M. Patel Institute of English Training & Research used the design to train MA-ELT students.
3) The English Language Fellow Program approved the project that inspired this video. The project, called MEET, Mobile Education for English Teachers, where specially designed materials would be turned into training videos for distribution via mobile phones, so the StudyDo design became part of MEET.
4) Finally, Bridges was published as a stand-alone bridge course. Bridges is designed to bridge the gap between understanding English and producing it, a gap that is quite common in English learners in South Central Asia.
Please email bridges AT if you have ideas for research or teaching projects. While supplies last, we are happy to provide class sets of Bridges to such projects, so that each of your learners can have a copy.
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